Aquarius Aquatics Swimming School (Accredited with Swimming South Africa)

Accredited Swim School with Swimming South Africa

Aquarius Aquatics Swimming Squad Training

“Be part of our environment that fosters and encourages success”

 “Allow yourself to be great by taking every opportunity to pursue excellence. Good swimmers habits are what makes champions whilst discipline in training, commands discipline and results in a race. Embrace the work required to climb the summit of swimming excellence.”……….Aquarius Aquatics Swimming


Chris Langley, C.E.O of Aquarius Aquatics commented:

"The Aquarius Aquatics team are a highly motivated and passionate team, all of whom have a love for the sport of swimming and working with children. There is a definite need to offer professional coaching to primary and high school students/club swimmers  interesting in progressing in swimming but who might not necessarily want to become club swimmers and train every day of the week. Due to other school academic, cultural and sporting commitments they are often not able to progress in a sport they are keen on and often walk away from it due to time constraints.

The training will take place in a 25m facility x 3 training session midweek and on a  Saturday. The programme enrolment is open to all interested swimmers (school & competitive swimmers). The Programme content will focus on stroke technique, skill acquisition and swimming proficieny; improved fitness and race strategy. Squad members are encouraged in a positive and structured environment and handled correctly. Effective coaching will stimulate a passion and interest in swimming and the sport which will stay with them throughout their lives.

Aquarius Aquatic Swimming has an established squad system whereby swimmers graduate from one squad to another, depending on accurate grading ability. At each level, the coach employs different skills in order to ensure the timeous development of the athlete's potential. After attending an assessment and reaching the required standard, swimmers can join the club and train within a squad system

 Swimmers will enrol into the programme from many different schools. Training is offered througout the year.

Our aim is to offer professional coaching to athletes to:-

§Provide the highest possible standards of instruction, coaching, training and competition for every swimmer.
§Motivate young people to strive to achieve their full potential, both in swimming and in life generally.
§To focus on skill acquisition and swimming proficiency; improved fitness race strategy and sprint focus in 25m, 50m, and 100m events.
§To inspire a passion for the sport of swimming to encourage the growth of the sport within schools.
§To embrace the chool fraternity toproduce swimming teams of the highest possible level and further the athletes’ interest and commitment to the sport by joining as a competitive swimming club memeber should they wish to channel their learnings further. 
§Instil in young people a sense of high self-esteem, the value of hard work and the importance of good sportsmanship.
§Encourage and promote physical fitness and healthy lifestyles.
§Provide opportunities for social and emotional development in an environment that is supportive of cultural and ethnic diversity.

 It is our responsibility to ensure that we present this the right way to children and grow school/Club swimming swimming in an inspiring way. I believe the Aquarius Aquatics Aqua Strokes Programme will open up new opportunities to children of all cultural groups who wish to learn how to swim the right way….. Aquarius Aquatics aims to ensure that opportunity is offered to school swimmers to contract and participate in a high quality school swimming programme linked to their own school training and community programmes whereby the swimming instruction is delivered by qualified coaching personnel in a safe environment. This will promote growth and upliftment of performance in school swimming and provide a clear and coherent structure to support all young people to move freely between school and community aquatics.”

The squad grows daily. The system is producing exceptional results for the swimmers who currently participate in the Aqua Strokes Programme.