Aquarius Aquatics Swimming School (Accredited with Swimming South Africa)

Accredited Swim School with Swimming South Africa

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Participation in aquatic activities should be a happy experience for all students in a stimulating environment. Children should be allowed to progress at their own pace and should never be forced to take part in aquatic activities.

Irrespective of their swimming ability, children are never safe when in or around water and should be under adult supervision. Instructors will have all students in full view at all times.

 All learners have the right to :

• participate at a level appropriate to their maturity and ability

• have qualified Instructors

• where possible be involved with the decision making process

• be presented with fully planned and documented lessons

• be treated with respect and dignity within all lesson activities.

• be presented with equal opportunity to:

i. strive for success

ii. think for themselves

iii. take responsibility for their actions

iv. establish new relationships

v. enjoy the aquatic experience