Aquarius Aquatics Swimming School (Accredited with Swimming South Africa)

Accredited Swim School with Swimming South Africa

Accredited Swimming School with Swimming South Africa

Accredited Swimming Teachers with Swimming South Africa


Aquarius Aquatics acknowledges the important role that a LTS Instructor plays in terms of the early child hood development of water-safety. The basic swimming proficiency for nursery school aged pupils and young scholars are of paramount importance in order for water confidence and for them to develop further in the sport. In addition, Chris supports the swimming South Africa motto “Every Child A swimmer”.

Coaching Ethos

The learning atmosphere of Aquarius Aquatics is safe and non-threatening with caring Instructors. A happy and secure environment will provide children with social, intellectual, physical and emotional development opportunities. The learning environment should be individualized based on each student's capabilities. The key to learning is the emphasis placed on a positive environment working toward aquatic safety, enjoyment and skill acquisition.

Participation in aquatic activities should be a happy experience for all students in a stimulating environment. Children are allowed to progress at their own pace.

 Irrespective of their swimming ability, children are never safe when in or around water and should be under adult supervision.

The Swim School Centre is accredited with Swimming South Africa. I instructors (Sarah & Lynn) are CGA/SSA accredited and hold CPR/First Aid and Police Clearances. Instructors will have all students in full view at all times.